A Matter of Balance

A Matter of Balance helps adults 60 years old and up realize that falls — and the fear of falling — are controllable. The program provides information on ways to change your environment to limit risk factors that contribute to falling, and will help you find strength and balance exercises to reduce your chances of falling.

Agricultural Business and Policy Extension

Agricultural Business and Policy Extension serves rural Missouri by helping farms, agribusinesses and communities understand their opportunities and challenges to make informed decisions.


Alianzas facilitates and promotes effective intercultural communication and forms alliances with MU Extension and its specialists, the Latinx residents and the larger community of our great state of Missouri.

Annie’s Project

Missouri Annie’s Project The mission of Annie’s Project is to empower farm women to be better business partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information. 

Aquaculture and Fisheries Extension

The MU Aquaculture and Fisheries Extension Program provides educational resources and research-based information to help you plan and manage for recreational fishing or commercial aquaculture.

Beef Extension

The beef industry is viable and strong in Missouri — ranking among the nation's leaders in beef cattle production. Beef Extension offers resources for Missouri’s beef industry on nutrition, reproduction, health, forages, environmental management, business management and more.


The Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems, or CARES, is a small and adventurous group of geographic information specialists, programmers, and data nerds. We love making maps, developing new data visualizations, and helping individuals and organizations figure out ways to do their work better.

Certificate in Construction Management

The certificate in Construction Management addresses the critical workforce need for management skills in the construction industry. Through this two-course certificate, individuals obtain the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in the in-demand construction industry.

Certificate in Supply Chain Management

The noncredit certificate in Supply Chain Management is a unique, interdisciplinary offering. Through this two-course certificate, working professionals obtain the fundamental knowledge needed as preparation to transition into their first supply chain role or to complement the transition into a new supply chain function.

Clinical Engineering

The influence of medical imaging technology in healthcare is constantly growing. The University of Missouri has partnered with healthcare and medical technology companies to create an online credentialing program that can be accessed from multiple pathways – right at home.

Community Arts Program

The Community Arts Program is a three-way partnership between MU Extension, the University of Missouri, and Missouri communities to promote and foster arts-based community and economic development.

Community Health Engagement and Outreach

MU Extension’s Community Health program’s goal is to achieve optimal health and well-being for every Missourian at every stage of life.

Community Leadership

These community development programs provide leadership training in a variety of formats to enhance the skills and opportunities for individuals who participate as well as the organizations and communities that they serve.

Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities

Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities aims to create, connect, and promote community economic revitalization through entrepreneurship as a driver for economic growth across communities in Missouri.

Construction Management Leadership Institute

The Construction Management Leadership Institute is an intensive program developed to launch the next generation forward in their construction careers.

Continuing Education for Health Professions

MU Continuing Education for Health Professions (CEHP) provides evidenced-based, relevant and responsive learning activities designed to narrow professional practice gaps with respect to knowledge, competence, and performance of the healthcare team.

Cooking Matters

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. Our Cooking Matters programs teach smart shopping strategies and healthy cooking skills that can help you prepare nutritious, low-cost meals and snacks at home.

Corn and Sorghum

Resources for Missouri's corn and sorghum farming industries.

Cotton Extension

Cotton is an important crop in Missouri. In 2018, southeast Missouri counties produced lint and seed valued at $324 million, though the number of cotton-planted acres varies each year with commodity prices.

Dairy Extension

Missouri’s dairy production and processing industry continues to evolve within a growing but rapidly consolidating US dairy industry. This site links Missouri dairy producers to key dairy production and business information at MU and other institutions.

Digital Technology Certificate Program

The Digital Technology Certificate Program addresses the critical need for continuing education focused on digital technologies. Through this certificate program, individuals can access the digital technology trainings needed to stay competitive in an ever-shifting world.

Drought Resources

Drought impacts at least some parts of Missouri almost every year. MU Extension provides information and resources about drought monitoring and mitigation.

EMS Education Institute

EMS Education offers new and continuing training to EMS professionals Our mission is to provide an evolving and dynamic education and training program to new and existing EMS and

Engineering Extension

Engineering Extension uses engineering faculty and student expertise as well as linkages to other economic development outreach programs to deliver services via individual consultations, in-person or online education and community and regional-based programming for industry professionals.

Exceed — Regional Economic and Entrepreneurial Development

The Exceed program enhances economic development opportunities by providing high-quality research and insights to its partners. Learn how it supports regional and entrepreneurial development.

Family Nutrition Education Program (FNEP)

FNEP provides research-based nutrition education to Missouri’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients and those who are eligible. MU Extension nutrition educators work in a variety of settings throughout the state with the goal of helping participants make behavior changes to achieve lifelong health and fitness.

Field Crop Pathology

The MU Field Crop Plant Pathology program provides research-based information for disease problems associated with field crop production in Missouri.

Flood Resources

Flooding remains the deadliest weather-related natural disaster in Missouri. MU Extension's provides updates on flooding and resources for what to do to prepare for a flood and recovery afterward.

Focus on Kids

Parents who are divorcing or separating face unique challenges in parenting their children while living apart. The purpose of the Focus on Kids (FOK) program is to help parents learn how to nurture and support their children through the divorce/separation process, and to help parents develop ways to effectively work together as co-parents.

Food Preservation

The Food Preservation program provides up-to-date, research-based procedural recommendations, tested recipes, and hands-on workshops that assist the consumer in safely preserving produce and other products.

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